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Macro influencers vs. micro influencers

In the influencer marketing arena, these influential people come roughly under two headings: macro influencers and micro influencers. Before diving into if one is better than the other let us briefly differentiate between the two.


In a nutshell, these people have a large audience in ten thousand or up to millions. They are household names and very often celebrities. Collaborating with a macro-influencer will give you audience reach of up to millions.


Unlike the big names, micro-influencers have a small, close knitted group of followers that consists mainly of friends and family. The following reach is less than 10k usually somewhere around 5000. These people are regular faces who have started from the ground up, gaining followers solely because of what they post online. Often, such people are described as more authentic.


Pros and cons


Micro influencers are the online equivalent of word of mouth


Though consisting of a comparatively small audience, micro-influencers have loyal followers. There is a relationship built on trust and they genuinely consider what is recommended by the influencer they are following. The content displayed by them is considered to be more authentic.

In fact, this study shows us that micro-influencers have more impact on buying decisions as compared to an average person.

Macro-influencers provide better visibility and awareness

For companies looking for exposure and popularity, this may be a better option. Since a macro-influencer has a following in tens of thousands and are renowned, something endorsed by them will most definitely stick with the followers.

More often than not these influencers are also trendsetter which is another crucial thing to keep in mind when weighing the two.




Micro-influencers are cheap