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Maintain online privacy on social media

There were 2.46 billion social media users back in 2017 and the number is only expected to keep on rising. With so many users problems like maintaining online privacy are bound to arise. In fact, according to Pew Research Centre, 91% of teenagers share photos of themselves, 71% post their residential location, 20% post their cell phone number, and 53% post their email.

People are increasingly sharing their personal information over the internet. On the other hand, online behaviors indicate that people are increasingly concerned by their online privacy.

You can take a couple of basic steps like these to maintain privacy on platforms like social media.


All social media accounts and such require passwords, true. Email accounts cannot be created if a combination password is not in place. Yet 41% of email addresses and two-thirds of social media account owners have professed to have their account hacked.

Prevent your account from being one of these numbers by taking the right preventative measures. Set different passwords for each account so that if one is compromised, the hacker does not have automatic control of your other account.

Monitor your mailbox

Social media hacking does not require sophisticated techniques, unfortunately. Spam emails are a very effective way to compromise your data. Avoid clicking on rogue emails and messages. Phishers have been using this method for years and still manages to catch the unsuspecting user off-guard. Big companies and organizations alike have been victim to this – don’t make the error of being too confident.

Share less

Your information cannot be breached if you do not share it in the first place. It is as simple as that. At the risk of sounding like a dad, avoid sharing personal information that you wouldn’t want to be compromised in any way.

If you fear your photos being leaked, don’t share them. If you fear someone finding out your contact information, don’t share it in the first place – despite what your privacy settings are on your social media account.

Lock, report, and block

It is always a good idea to have a password set on your phone. For additional security, you can download one of these app locks so that if your phone is ever compromised, your social media is not.

Ever been harassed online? Or bullied? Or threatened? Report and block the individual immediately. Most of the popular social media sites take action against blocked accounts, so be sure to not skip this step. If the harassment makes you especially uncomfortable, tell an adult.

Online privacy is something that must not be ignored at all, whether it is social media or other platforms.

Be proactive; do not wait for a threat to take precautions.