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Online Tutor Apps VS Private Tuition:

The world is moving so fast that sometimes, you find it hard to keep everything in control. That is one issue that most students face in school or college. It is hard to balance social life with studies and sometimes, you just need some extra help to catch up with a math class you missed or a geography class that you can’t comprehend from tip to toe. Most students or parents hire private tutors in this case but with growing technology, isn’t that option old school now?

Fortunately, there are numerous options available now from coaching centers to private tutoring agencies to tutor apps. It is undeniable that many students find significant assistance from regular in-person tutoring lessons or can get access to an instructor just when they are having difficulty understanding an assignment. So, why should you still opt for tutoring apps like uber when reliable options exist already? Why are smart tutor apps the right choice? We can help you decide if why digital tutor app can be a sensible choice.


  1. 24/7 Tutoring available!

In college or school, attending regular morning classes can become bit of a chore because you can’t miss your compulsory lessons due to attendance or other important reasons. The same can be said about in-person tutoring lessons. You can’t miss them as it would be a waste of time for you and your teacher. Additionally, it could be hard to factor in other extra-curricular activities like football lessons, music classes or language classes that you want to take so badly after school, but you just don’t have the time for it due to your super busy schedule. Apps for private tutors is the solution to this debacle! With online tutor apps you can schedule your tutoring classes anytime you want! Help is available to your round-the-clock. Plus, you can even find apps to schedule some fun subjects like music tutor apps or language tutor apps. So, if you are running late behind classes, you need prep for an upcoming test, you need to complete your assignment after midnight, a tutor will be at your service all the time through a smart tutor app.



  1. Help available for more than one subject!

If you are having difficulty in more than one subject, you might have to take help from another tutor. This means hiring additional tutors to help you with your work load. This can be problematic for your schedule and you might even fall behind further due to your packed program. With online tutor apps, you don’t have to face difficulty at all! Through tutor apps, you can find help from experts for more than one subject from just one platform. You can easily arrange your classes according to your convenience, so you can understand your subjects better. This will save you from the liability of finding numerous tutors for different subjects.



  1. Time-saving and Cost-effective

Private tutoring is one of the fastest growing businesses, global private tutoring market will surpass $102.8 billion by 2018. This means that in-person private tutoring classes are considerably expensive. If you have hired more than one tutor and you need help regularly, hourly rates can end up to huge sums of money that you have to pay monthly or annually. Students, especially those enrolled in college are already facing huge amount of debt and therefore private tutors might not the best cost-effective option. Therefore, you need to find a tutor app. It will not only save you money, think of how much time you can save instead of jumping from tutor to tutor. If you can’t afford to pay for that math tutor lesson, you still have plenty of options such as free math tutor apps! Just because they are free doesn’t mean there is no value to it. Best math tutor apps can help you get through anything from linear algebra to advanced calculus. So, there is not extra efficient and effective option than a tutor app to help you save a few bucks and most importantly, your time.



  1. Personal experience through a Virtual Classroom:

Even though you’re interacting with your tutor through an online platform, the tutor can help you enhance your personal learning performance because teachers put all their work and time into making you a better learner. That essence is missing in big private tutoring centers or coaching centers as they tutor dozens of kids simultaneously. Apps with private tutors can help you develop a personal experience and a close bond with your teacher which you can benefit plenty from.

Online tutor apps are on-call for you 24/7, so you can rely on them anytime you need help. Additionally, tutor apps offer you everything from online resources, learning material to online tools like chat options, video and audio calls, virtual white boards, code editor, text-editor, etc. You can share your assignments with your tutors, screen-share your work on tablet/phone, give online tests and be graded instantly. These tutors are real individuals so if you are having a hard time, they will fully empathize with you and help you relieve your work load.




We know that in-person tutoring has its own benefits. But the world is changing constantly, and it is better to upgrade your tools to better and efficient options. These digital tutor apps are an all in one package, instead of finding a specific math tutor app or music tutor app, you can get access to subject you want and clear your concepts. It is the best solution for students to communicate with instructors and understand properly. Additionally, online tutor apps are massively beneficial for teachers who want to tutor. It is time-saving, convenient and innovative. Virtual teaching experience is a fun way to manage communication with students and create innovative ways to keep the learning process of students focused and entertaining simultaneously. Since private tutors are upgrading to smart tutor apps, this gives you one more reason to make the best of the technology available to you and switch to online tutor apps.