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Why Jewelry Are Best Made Custom?

When a jewelry designer crafts a piece of jewelry, he or she is using the imagination and the creativity from their own perception. So the pre-designed jewelry sets aren’t custom, and frankly, if you buy a pre-designed set, someone else could have the same exact design! Can you imagine giving your bride a chocolate diamond wedding ring that someone else has too…? In this post, we will be discussing the major reasons why jewelry are best made custom and are considered to be unique and special.

Your Idea Your Creativity

If you don’t have a creative imagination, not a problem. In order to get an unrivalled, special design for a custom jewelry set, all you need is some ideas about yourself or your partner. Consider what colors you like or the person whom you are getting the jewelry customized for. Consider a few options of the jewelry itself, will it be a chocolate diamond necklace? Will it be a chocolate diamond ring, etc…? Some considerations of shape-elements can also be helpful in order to narrow down to a specific design or set. Work with an expert jewelry designer whom has experience in the relevant field. Review some existing sets that that the designer has done in the past, reviewing such should give you additional ideas.

If you’re coming from a background that has a family crest-pendant or coat of arms, you could possibly use the designs from the family crest-pendant that can relate similarly onto the design. It’s considered special if you design the piece from the family crest-pendant and some ideas from the existing jewelries as it would be a great way to welcome your bride to the family and at the same time it’s ideal for a perfect wedding ring.

Custom Chocolate Cuts…

When you are customizing a jewelry, the main thing is the stone. Since women are already fond to chocolate in particular, chocolate diamonds make wondrous pieces, especially if you decide to go with chocolate diamonds! The stone can be modified and cut even more to a finer resolution. Sometimes designers use existing diamond rocks to further innovate and design the type of chocolate diamond you want on the gold ring. One great recommendation for customizing a ring or necklace is La Vian. They are designers and manufacturers, providing chocolate diamond rings or chocolate diamond necklaces (brown diamond / C4-C7).


It’s Indeed Special For The Both Of You!

When we see a celebrity wearing some of the most precious jewelry decorated with some of the most precious stones, it’s pretty much a norm. However for common people it is a bit different. The only time you will see common people (non-wealthy population) wearing a precious stone is if it is their wedding ring. Wedding rings commonly share one thing, diamonds! Whether your diamond cost you $5,000 or it cost you $10,000, diamonds are diamonds and as the saying goes, “diamonds are forever”…

Indeed they are meant to be special, but why do the majority of the population uses the element of a diamond to be associated to a wedding ring? Well, it is a signification of eternity, a relationship that exists beyond the boundaries of time. A husband and wife relationship is till death do them apart, and since the saying is that diamonds are forever, gifting your new bride a chocolate diamond ring is a signification of you and your spouse to be in a marital bond, for the rest of your life.  That is the sole reason why wedding rings have diamonds associated.

Customization is the best way to go when you are determined to give your spouse a chocolate wedding ring that will recognize your relationship to be special, solid and shall last forever!











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