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Nobody is unknown to the charismatic Apple watch that features built-in heart-rate monitoring and movement analysis. The watch is ideal for people looking to up their fitness regime. If you find tracking your exercise and meeting your goals fun, then you will probably want to download few of the best fitness apps to work with your Apple watch. Luckily for you, we have done the homework and rounded up a selection of some of the best health and fitness apps, so you spend less time searching the app store and more time hitting the treadmill.

  • Runkeeper

This app works by generating its own map using Apple watch’s GPS which tracks your location and progress. Runkeeper can be customized to the core bearing special features such as, the run screen displays the elapsed time at the top, but you can personalize the middle and bottom parts to display distance, current pace, heart rate and other metrics in the preferred order.

  • Strava

One of the best fitness apps, Strava found its way to be synced with Apple watch in an organic manner allowing you to start, complete and enter the fitness session directly from the watch. When recording, the app shows the distance travelled, time duration, pace and heart rate. When the session is completed, this app gives you the advantage of saving the session. Don’t feel like running today? Strava allows you to switch to different activities and record them.

  • Runtastic

This app is best for people who like to listen to music or podcasts while exercising to keep themselves engaged. Runtastic has a feature called ‘story running’ that allows users to download the series for $1 and each track is about 40 minutes long. This app syncs easily with your exercise ring goals.

  • Nike+ Run club

Nike+ run club successfully tracks your run and helps you reach your goals efficiently. Whether you are a beginner or an expert level runner, Nike+ works best for you because it allows personalization as per objectives.

  • Streaks Workout

Streaks is compatible with almost every Apple device and allows you to workout in any setting. Whether you want to workout in front of the TV or in the park, this app will fulfil all your requirements. Furthermore, the app’s simple interface and basic choose-and swipe buttons make this app ideal to be synced with the Apple watch. You simply choose the workout based on how hard and how long you want the exercise to be.

  • Gymaholic

Gymaholic is best for strength training that deploys both 3D modeling techniques and augmented reality. While the images that appear on the Apple watch are miniaturized, the screen mainly focuses on reps and sets. You can also customize the number of sets, track your heart rate and add/subtract exercises directly from the watch itself. This app is ideal for heavy weightlifters and strength trainers who are interested in gaining muscle fat.

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