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How Chocolate Diamonds® Have Changed Timepiece Jewelry

Timepieces are known to use diamonds for a decorative aesthetics. Chocolate Diamonds® are a relatively novel choice in the kind of diamonds that watches and other timepieces are made up of. There are many ways in which Chocolate Diamonds® have inadvertently changed the way diamond timepieces are perceived.


Use of Quartz Movement

The action of moving your arm makes up a self-winding movement which can activate the watch on your wrist. The time maintained will be accurate because of the specific movement made. Chocolate Diamond® timepieces are used in these watches which are more functional in mature than aesthetic. These quartz movements use a vibrating quartz crystal to power a small motor. The Chocolate Diamonds® come with a timepiece that supports a mercury-free battery with constant running time. These only have to be replaced once a year.


Analog Displays

Chocolate Diamonds® are now being used in analog displays with dials, hands, numbers and markers. With a range of sizes to choose from, the stone is patterned or be plain for better visibility. The good thing is that you can impart style to the design by using these Chocolate Diamonds®. This is a mixture of the traditional watch face with new innovative style.


Digital Displays

These usually employ LED numbers and sometimes give another range of functions like elapsed time, date, alarms, even temperature. Chocolate Diamonds® are added to their design along with a strong battery power. Some are now using light instead of an ordinary battery. An example is the chocolate deco estate watch which is a dramatic timepiece that features a range of Chocolate Diamond® cuts.


Chocolate Chronographs

These functions are there to measure elapsed time, similar to a stopwatch. Chronograph movements are activated with one or more buttons near the crown where the Chocolate Diamonds® are usually placed. Their dials usually include sub dials to display fractions of a second or elapsed minutes. This serves as a functional tool white being pleasing to the eye.


Watch Straps

Bracelets are watch straps that are made of metals like stainless steel or titanium. They are fastened with a clasp their designs include decorative jewels as well as links that can flex easily with wrist movement. Although these are a popular men’s choice, women also adorn them because of the Chocolate Diamond® design. There are more metal bracelet types specifically for women’s watches. They use a solid metal bangle that fastens with a jewelry clasp that can be covered with small Chocolate Diamonds®. Both types of straps are easily interchangeable by the user.


In Review

While most Chocolate Diamond® watches will feature rectangular dials with coordinating satin and leather straps, there are also normal watches and timepieces that are decorated with Chocolate Diamonds®. They use brown plated stainless steel and diamond bezels. The crystals used are usually brown or sapphire with either analog or battery powered design. Since the watches that the diamonds are put on are usually flashy they are an interesting accessory to own. The Chocolate Diamonds® add considerable weight and value as well.

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