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Learn from the Experts – Know how to make the most of an online dating app

Using mutual dating apps is difficult. It is however important if you are single and looking forward to go out for a date, that you learn and improve. If not the perfect match, you might get to befriend tons of amazing people to share good quality time with. As per the relationship coach and expert Erika Ettin, having a lot of unanswered messages on your Read More →

Online Tutor Apps VS Private Tuition:

The world is moving so fast that sometimes, you find it hard to keep everything in control. That is one issue that most students face in school or college. It is hard to balance social life with studies and sometimes, you just need some extra help to catch up with a math class you missed or a geography class that you can’t comprehend from tip Read More →


Mobile applications are now a basic part of our everyday life. Even before starting our day with a cup of tea or coffee, we already are logged into many mobile apps, whether it’s a fitness routine app or your daily reminder for meetings and work. People spend an average of 30 hours per month on smartphones and applications, so they play quite a role in Read More →

Maintain online privacy on social media

There were 2.46 billion social media users back in 2017 and the number is only expected to keep on rising. With so many users problems like maintaining online privacy are bound to arise. In fact, according to Pew Research Centre, 91% of teenagers share photos of themselves, 71% post their residential location, 20% post their cell phone number, and 53% post their email. People are Read More →

Restaurant technology to boost sales

Technology is an integral part of human lives and many functions depend solely on it. It is also a tried and tested method to boot sales – there is no reason why it shouldn’t be incorporated into restaurants. If you are looking for restaurant tech to boost your sales below are the top ways to do so. Mobile ordering The US food home food delivery Read More →

Macro influencers vs. micro influencers

In the influencer marketing arena, these influential people come roughly under two headings: macro influencers and micro influencers. Before diving into if one is better than the other let us briefly differentiate between the two. Macro-influencers In a nutshell, these people have a large audience in ten thousand or up to millions. They are household names and very often celebrities. Collaborating with a macro-influencer will Read More →